Managing Director Germany (m/f/d) - Remote Europe

Who are we?

At Charisma-Tec GmbH, we are the passionate architects of career dreams, connecting extraordinary talent with the most forward-thinking and visionary organizations. Our mission is to make every match a success story, where professionals thrive and companies flourish together. Currently, we're on the hunt for a "Managing Director Germany (m/f/d) - Remote Europe" to meet the specific needs of a top company.


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Leading the Way:
    - Come up with and follow through on plans that match the big picture and what our custimer is aiming for globally.
    - Make sure everyone's on the same page and things run smoothly at all spots in Germany (up to 15 of them).
  2. Growing the Money and Keeping It Safe:
    - Keep the money flowing from the current gigs and look for new money-making opportunities.
    - Keep an eye on the money stuff and use the data to make sure of making a profit.
  3. Being the Sales Boss:
    - Lead the team that's in charge of bringing in the big bucks (aiming for 25 million Euros every year).
    - Figure out how to sell the company's stuff in new places and industries.
  4. Teamwork and Building Skills:
    - Be the coach for a bunch of folks (around 200 of them) and make sure they're awesome at what they do, and that they work together like a dream team.
    - Make sure all the different parts of the company are working well together.
  5. Talking and Keeping Everyone in the Loop:
    - Keep the big bosses informed about how the company is doing in Germany – what's going well, what's tricky, and where the opportunities are.
    - Make sure everybody can talk to each other, from the German gang to the global HQ.
  6. Making Everything Run Smoothly:
    - Watch over the everyday stuff happening in Germany, and make sure it's efficient and works like a well-oiled machine.
    - Use smart tricks and keep finding ways to make everything work even better.    


  • Got a Bachelor's degree in Business or something similar. Having a Master's or an MBA would be awesome.
  • You've been a big shot for at least 10 years, ideally doing something like this.
  • You can prove you've made the money grow and kept things running super smooth.
  • You really get what's up with the business scene in Germany.
  • You're an ace at talking to people and getting along with them.
  • Speaking both German and English like a pro is a must.


Job Details

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Managing Director Germany (m/f/d) - Remote Europe

Our contact:

Charisma-Tec GmbH
Rethelstraße 38
40237 Düsseldorf
Tel: 0211-170905-00

Managing Director Germany (m/f/d) - Remote Europe

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Managing Director Germany (m/f/d) - Remote Europe

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